Clear Aligners Southampton

We all want to smile and laugh with confidence, but orthodontic problems such as crooked or protruding teeth can often mean people feel ashamed of how they look. Treating these problems can mean the world of difference to an individual's confidence and oral health.

It has often been the case that fixed braces put people off the idea of getting braces but now there is a discreet, removable brace that has changed all this.

Clear Aligners are an invisible brace system which treats minor orthodontic conditions such as twisted, crooked or misaligned teeth. Providing tailored solutions for younger persons and those who lead active lifestyles, Clear Aligners employ high-tech technology to enhance patients' smile aesthetics.

Meeting the needs of modern dental patients, Clear Aligners are simply a series of clear aligners which gently reposition teeth for improved results. The removable aligners need only be replaced every two weeks for the gradual straightening of teeth to be effective.

Clear Aligners are custom-made to meet individual orthodontic requirements. As a modern brace which enhances aesthetic appeal, Clear Aligners provide a perfect alternative to the pitfalls that typically deter patients from getting treatment. All Clear Aligner treatment at Stardent is carried out by specialist orthodontist, Denise Taylor.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

  • Discreet, flexible treatment suitable for a range of lifestyles.
  • Removable aligners require little adjustment of eating habits and oral hygiene.
  • Treatment is tailored to the individual for effective results.
  • Comfortable tooth movement.

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