Damon Braces Southampton

Less than perfect teeth can have a profound effect on one's self-confidence and lead to potential health problems if teeth are misaligned. This is because the teeth can be more difficult to clean, whilst biting and speech may also be affected. At Stardent we provide a brace system that effectively corrects orthodontic irregularities for both children and adults.

Damon Braces provide an alternative teeth straightening method to traditional braces. By employing friction-free technology, Damon Braces are able to effectively and comfortably straighten teeth for improved function and aesthetics. All orthodontic treatment at Stardent is carried out by specialist orthodontist, Denise Taylor.

Crooked, misaligned and protruding teeth can all be treated and faster treatment time with minimal discomfort can be achieved. Damon Braces combine high-tech self-ligating memory wires with discreet, aesthetically-pleasing brackets. The tooth moving forces are light and require fewer adjustments compared to traditional fixed braces.

By combining the effectiveness of traditional braces with more modern, discreet alternatives, Damon Braces are able to provide patients with a unique treatment experience.

Benefits of Damon Braces

  • Achieve comfortable teeth straightening and repositioning of teeth.
  • Treat severe orthodontic irregularities.
  • Enhance smile aesthetics.
  • Combine the strengths of both traditional and modern brace systems.
  • Results can be achieved more rapidly than with traditional methods.

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