Lingual STb Braces Southampton

Having a nice smile not only makes us feel better and more confident, but it also promotes effective oral health. Misaligned teeth can lead to difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene and the potential build-up of plaque and resultant dental health problems. Straighter teeth are essential for good bite and oral function, playing a significant role in chewing of food and speech. For cases where teeth are misaligned there is now an effective, modern and comfortable brace system.

Lingual STb Braces are an advanced, discreet teeth straightening alternative to traditional systems. Unlike other modern brace systems which are placed on the front surfaces of teeth and still visible to others, Lingual STb Braces are positioned on the back surface of the teeth.

The bonding of the braces to the back of the teeth means that they are not visible to anyone.High tech archwires apply gentle pressure for beneficial teeth straightening results.

Though the idea of wearing braces on the lingual side of teeth may sound like an uncomfortable idea, it only takes the standard time of approximately one or two weeks for patients to grow used to the braces. Following this patients enjoy a comfortable treatment experience.

Lingual STb Braces improve dental alignment and facial aesthetics so that wearers can experience improved oral function and a beautiful smile. The brace system is proven to provide predictable results that are effective and achieved in comfort. All orthodontic treatment with lingual braces at Stardent is carried out by specialist orthodontist, Denise Taylor.

Benefits of Lingual STb Braces

  • Placement of braces on the lingual side of teeth provides optimum discretion.
  • Effectively improve dental function and smile aesthetics.

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