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I am probably one of Mitra's biggest fans and have recommended many new patients to her from members of my family to members of my staff. Putting herself out to fit around our busy schedules by offering late night appointments or working at the weekend is very much appreciated. Mitra leads by example both in clinical excellence and customer service.

Richard Guy
J & J Conversions ltd


Stardent Dental Practice has saved my life. I have been going to Stardent since just after they opened nearly 8 years ago. I have always been nervous about going to the dentist having suffered uncomfortable situations in the past and needed to find a new dental practice having just moved house. I saw an advertisement in a local magazine for the practice saying that they were extremely good in dealing with nervous patients and offered various amazing services. I gave them a call and had a chat with them, they were so helpful in explaining everything and putting me at ease so I gave them a try and booked an appointment. On arrival I was chatted to and procedures were explained to me and and an X-Ray taken; I particularly liked the state of art X-Ray machine, so much more comfortable than what I had experienced before. The best decision of my life visiting Stardent. I now go regularly and travel quite a distance to get there but it is so worth the effort. I have received excellent service over the years from the whole team at Stardent and Mitra is a breath of fresh air as a dental specialist. The environment is very calming and relaxing and everyone is made so welcome with a huge smile from all the staff, the whole experience is totally different to what I have ever experienced in my whole life. The services that they provide are state of the art and any request or enquiry is taken on board and given their attention, so much so that they performed a particularly good service for my husband recently. He has a problem with going to the dentist in terms of reflux and finds it very difficult to have treatment. Knowing the great service I have received and the fact that they have won my complete confidence, he agreed to attend a consultation with Mitra, Mitra was able to gain his confidence enough to perform treatment on a particularly bad tooth. Mitra offered sedation and made all the arrangements for my husband's appointment co-ordinating all the necessary professionals to attend his visit and have the tooth attended to. The treatment was amazing for my husband and every aspect of his treatment was monitored and dealt with in such a professional but caring manner, I was very impressed. My husband was more than impressed as he hadn't visited a dentist for a very long while and was able to wake up knowing that he hadn't suffered with any reflux and that all the dentistry work had been completed and he was unaware of it all! A great success story for the both of us. Stardent are true stars and deserve to be recognised for all their amazing work. Going to the dentist is no longer a nightmare.

Kind regards
Jan Meadows


With several house moves, most recently to France, I have become weary from large variations in dental practice quality. Knowing that I needed some major work doing, probably involving an implant, I wanted to be sure I went somewhere that I felt comfortable and confident. Also, this is an expensive treatment, so finding a dentist with a reasonable pricing structure without compromising quality was important. Finding an English speaking dentist in France wasn't easy. Finding one that my ex pat friends were happy to recommend was almost impossible, so with a holiday planned in Southampton, I decided to see if I could find a dentist there to solve my problem.

An internet search for cosmetic dentists in Southampton brought up a few places, but Stardent had the most reviews and all were good. I decided to find out for myself. When I met Mitra, she confirmed that my 40 year old milk tooth had finally reached the end of its life! We discussed the options - costs and practicalities and agreed that an implant was the best choice for me. Unfortunately, it couldn't be done during that week's holiday, but after a short discussion, my husband and I agreed that it was worth it to travel back at a later date when the dental surgeon was available to have the work done here.

I like to understand what's happening, and Mitra puts up with my endless questions and "can I see...". Once my implant was complete, and I was confident biting through the crunchiest baguette, I knew it was time to tackle a couple of molars which were also a nagging ache. Mitra really works with me, knowing that I'm flying over for the treatment she minimises the number of visits. We discuss the problem and make an estimate what work is likely so that she can set aside the appointment time, then tackles the consultation and work at the same time. A lot of work was done yesterday, and the best part is that due to the CEREC machine on site, the work and the Crowns were made and fitted all in the same day! The added benefit which I was not expecting is that my bite is more comfortable than it has been for years! Excellent pain management during the treatment, and I can close my jaw without pressure headaches. I'm very, very happy!

I really couldn't believe it when my bite felt so much more comfortable yesterday, I hadn't realised there was a problem until it was taken away! It was a long day yesterday I was really tired by the end of it, but I'm very happy with the work you've done. Very happy! I really do appreciate you taking the risk of not really knowing what you are dealing with when I walk in, but then working through it. I know that I've had some big work done, and I hope that there won't be any more necessary for some time. However, assuming that I can establish a travel route, I do hope to continue to come to you once we are in Switzerland - it means a lot to have confidence in my dentist! For the rest of the family too! THANK YOU!

Kind regards,

I first became a patient of Mitra & stardent through recommendation. Needing extensive restoration work which I could Ill afford at my previous practice it was suggested to me to pop along for a free consultation.

From my initial meeting with Mitra I felt very safe and secure in her experience & expertise. I felt more like a friend whom she would look after than a patient.

With her un faltering confidence that she could restore some very complex issues in a time frame that would suit and a payment plan I could afford we set about starting quite a long road back to oral excellence.

I needed implants To replace old and decayed bridge work. This also incorporated a sinus lift and bone graft. Pretty daunting stuff to me but again under the care of both sharad & Mitra they assured me that it was going to be easy for me, no nonsense, unflappable and 100% confident all I had to do was lie back, plug my iPod in, wrap myself up in my blanket and let them get on with it! Under sedation the whole operation which took 2 hours was completely pain free. I can not emphasise enough how important it is to truly have faith in your surgeon / dentist to alleviate what could feel like an unpleasant experience. I have since had a further implant, again to replace an old failed root canaled tooth . This procedure was far more straight forward, no sedation was required as I was totally confident with the procedure . On this occasion Mitra made me a gorgeous cerac tooth and fitted it then and there ! No need to wait a week or more for a lab to do it and trust me she is a perfectionist when it comes to cerac, it's like an art form to her!

All of the staff at Stardent must have gone to the same school of excellence when it comes to customer service. Outstanding hospitality from the moment you walk in and see Claire's smiling face and the offer of a very good cup if coffee to both nurses Chelsea & Maria holding your hand as if you were their sister when you may feel anxious and if course Ishmael . I have never been to a gentler hygienist in my life !

I could not recommend Startdent more highly than I do and i am so grateful to the team for their genuine and outstanding patient care.

Love Helen xxx

"It's hard to know where to begin when thinking about the centre of excellence that is the Stardent Laser Clinic?

From the moment you walk through the door you are greeted with warmth and friendliness however this is coupled with a comforting air of professionalism. Nothing is too much trouble and appointment flexibility is always offered.....key being a busy full time, working mum!

As a client of many years I have had the privilege to experience the unbelievable speed and results that are acheived using Cerec. A perfect, permanent bridge in a day is quite unbelievable?! Another of the amazing treatments on offer at Stardent is PR-GF....too much to talk about here but suffice to say.....simply fabulous!

None of this could be possible without the driving force behind the team that is Mitra, the owner. Her passion for all things dentistry and cosmetic is clear but it is her warmth, drive and her passion to help people that eclipses even her amazing skills.

Louise White
Marketing Manager

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you email for all your help and assistance. 7 weeks ago I was a quivering wreck (as you know) merely stepping inside a dentists, but you've been fantastic in coaxing me through my treatments and I was munching away on my lunch today thinking what an improvement you've made to my quality of life (I'm not joking), just being able to eat food properly again. 2008, the year I started taking care of my teeth at last. See you in March!"


"Just wanted to say a big thank you for making me feel so at ease today, I have been so frightened of going to the dentist all my life but you have now lifted those fears by making me feel that you really care. I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday and to being a patience of your practice. My husband Jim would also like to thank you."

Julie Maughan

"I was amazed at how informative you were, allowing me to take an active role in planning my dental care, a fascinating and empowering experience. The end result, it would be too small a thing to say, has transformed my life. I now have a new found confidence that this letter does very little to express. "

Simon Heron

"I love coming to Stardent because they make me laugh and play games when I'm waiting."

Nadia (6 years old)

"Visiting Stardent is a complete pleasure and it's like dropping in on friends"

Christin Crozier

"Bad experiences at a previous dental practice, means that visiting the dentist isn't one of my favorite past times, but the highly professional and friendly team at Stardent has helped to really put me at ease during my visits."

Karen Lillywhite

"I'm very pleased with treatment recieved and with the prices. My fears of the dentist have gone for ever."

Darren Baker

"Dental treatment has always been caring, thorough and literally as painless as one could ever hope for."

Rosali Jones

"I would thank all the staff at Stardent. As you all know when I first come to your surgery I had experienced years of visits to bad dentists and was extremely nervous, but due to your friendly staff and fantastic dentistry skills I actually look forward to my visits at your surgery as it is more like visiting good friends. Unfortunately there are soo many bad dentists in this world and to find a surgery who is so professional, friendly, has all the up to date procedures and really listens to what their customers want and need, and at reasonable prices is rare to are the best xxx"

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