Replace entire missing teeth with state of the art technology more >>

Teeth Whitening

The South coasts leading teeth whitening specialists more >>

Cosmetic dentistry

You don't have to be born with a beautiful smile to have one more >>


Alternative pain relief, including to help alleviate episodes of dental anxiety more >>


Can contribute to backache, earache, some types of migraine, or even ear ringing more >>

Anti-ageing cosmetic treatments

Rejuvenate the appearance of your skin with a range of quick and convenient treatments more >>

Orthodontics / Teeth Straightening

Stardent provides modern brace solutions that make teeth straightening easier than ever before more >>

Lingual STb Braces

Straighter teeth are essential for good bite and oral function, playing a significant role in chewing of food and speech more >>

Inman Aligner

More than ever before we are becoming aware of how important a beautiful smile is and that problems like crooked or misaligned teeth severely harm overall aesthetics more >>

Damon Braces

Employing friction-free technology, Damon Braces are able to effectively and comfortably straighten teeth for improved function and aesthetics more >>

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are an invisible brace system which treats minor orthodontic conditions such as twisted, crooked or misaligned teeth more >>

Transforming Dentistry

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